Costa Rica has been led by a democratic government policy for more than 100 years, ensuring stability, economic growth and also a very high level of safety.


As the Central America Switzerland, CR is also a tax heaven (Chambost guide).

Investors around the world have started to develop a passion for this piece of Eden.






A minimum 20% investment return per year (real estate)
An increasing purchasing power and population wealth level
Controlled price policy
A very attractive tax policy :
  - No capital gains tax
  - No wealth tax
  - No tax on inheritance
  - Low land tax
Political stability ( more than 100 years democracy)
The country's neutrality protects it from wars and terrorism
Economic and tourism growth
High economic interests for important world-wide companies (ex: INTEL)
Modern infrastructure and communication networks (telephone and internet available everywhere in the country)
CR ‘s government supports foreign investment: laws secure foreign investors' property rights,
whether they are residents or not
Private property is inviolable and protected by the Constitution
Health and school policies are priorities for the government (80% of budget)
Pleasant climate all year round
Off the route of cyclones
Magnificent sceneries (30% natural reserves)
Competitive costs for home services (5$ / hour for housekeeping)
Warm reception by locals
A third international airport is scheduled to open very soon in the area.


Costa Rica ensures foreign investors that they will enjoy the good life “pura vida” and profitable returns.